Having A Mice Infestation? Here’s What To Do

One thing that everyone should be aware of in their home is mice infestation. Mice and rats are a potential danger to the home. In the first place, they can carry disease, especially in their bites and droppings. These droppings can be dangerous, even deadly. In the 12th century, Europe was devastated by the bubonic plague, a disease brought about by rodent infestation and poor sanitary management that killed thousands of people and decimated countries.

Mice and rodents also eat through electrical wirings and may cause fires. An estimated 10% of all fires were caused by rats eating through the electrical wires and causing shortages or sparks. How did fire investigators find that out? Upon checking the electrical, they would see dead rodents beside gnawed electrical wires that were the source of the fire. Here are some things you can do to keep your home away from mice infestation


Use rodenticides and rat repellents wisely.

Make sure children do not have access to rodenticide and rat repellents that are poisonous. There are now mouse and rat traps that are rat friendly in the sense that they trap these rodents but do not necessarily kill them. Looking like doll houses, these traps are also kid friendly. There are even repellents that are eco-friendly or so-called green.

Cover holes and apertures in your homes

Especially with rain pipes, one should cover holes with screens. Mice can get through a fourth of an inch diameter opening while rats can do it in a half inch hole. Such screens and coverings should be fitted accordingly. setting traps close to this pipes can perhaps be the first way to help you prevent more mice from getting into your house.

Keep your place sanitized and orderly.

By properly sanitary management, you can reduce the chances of mice infestation in your home. Empty your trash on a daily basis and place them outside your homes, especially wet trash. This will at least prevent rodents from entering your home because of the trash. Keeping your garage orderly as well is a good practice. Any pile is a good place for a rodent to make a home. Keep items segregated, even boxed up and covered. If most of the garage is relatively orderly, one should be able to see the floor area and a good visual enables you to check for mice
Keep cats in your home.

The long history of enmity between cats and mice have never been erased. Instead of spending all the time setting up traps to get rid of the mice in your home, investing in a cat will help you to sort out this issue within the shortest time possible. This will ensure that those that may have hidden in the corners of your ceiling are well eliminated. They will never have a chance to walk around your home.

One cannot completely get rid of mice and rodents in the world but preventing them from entering your household is something that can be done if we take the proper precautions. If the infestation continues even after applying the above methods, then you will need to see a specialist for they can save you when there is no hope.