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Going RV camping? Here is a checklist

It is 2018 and you absolutely do not want to go RV camping feeling like you’re still in early 2000s. Here’s a checklist you do not want to miss to make this RV camping a memorable experience.

-> First Aid Kit

First and foremost item you would need every now and then is your first aid kit. This includes band aids, thermometer, vitamins, pain relievers, mosquito repellents, cough syrups, laxatives, aspirin, scissors, prescription medicines, allergy medicines. You do not want to miss out on the fun by the minor incidents which could be easily solved by your first aid kit.

-> Clothing

Before hitting the road, check the weather updates of the region where you plan to camp. This will not only lower the burden of unnecessary packed stuff but will also make more space for the clothes you do not want to leave behind. But to be on safe side, do pack the jackets, rain suits etc. (or tank tops if it’s hot) just in case the weather forecast betrays you. Pack an extra pair of your undergarments too.

-> Food Items/ Kitchen Supplies

Planned a bar-be-que and suddenly you realize, you’re out of salt and spices? Place small containers and add the usual spices like garlic powder, thyme and many more you like. Add water bottles, juice, wine, tea, coffee, powdered drinks. Don’t forget to place milk, butter, cheese, eggs, spreads and frozen food in you mini fridge. Groceries like rice, pasta, oats, cereals, canned vegetables, bread should also be on your checklist.

Add maximum of two pots (You do not want to over burden) knives, cutter, table cloth, spatula and a trash bag. Plastic wraps, disposable plates, cups, glasses, spoons and forks for serving are also a necessity. To keep your RV clean, add the cleaning items like sponges and spray cleaners and paper towels in your checklist.

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-> Basic Equipment

Since you’re living in 2018 and everything (Yesss, everything) runs on electricity so better install solar power generators as they are more economic. Do not forget you chargers, power cables, extension cords, flashlights, batteries, tool box, fire extinguisher, bungee cords, charcoal and lighter, stove, extra bulbs, fuses, umbrella, compass, heater, mops.

-> Bed & Bath Equipment

Sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are also a must add. Keep the detergent box too as you would need it more often than you thought especially if you have kids with you. Hand soap, bath gels, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, toilet sprays, toilet rolls, razors, shaving cream, hairbrush, nail clippers, tampons, pads, deodorants and the most important is the sunscreen.

-> Camping Outdoor

The items like tents, sleeping bags, hammock, folding chairs, folding tables, outdoor rug, table umbrellas, cooler, GPS, firewood, picnic blankets are also to be added in the checklist.

For outdoor games and hobbies or maybe for change of mood you would love to engage in activities such as badminton, frisbee, fishing gear, hiking equipment, cards, board games. Take your cameras for outdoor photography of the scenic beauty for your Instagram.

Keep all types of footwear in your checklist as the weather may demand boots in evening and sandals at the day time.

These are the items categorized into the basic necessary things you might need while camping in your RV. Customize your own list of items beforehand leaving for the camping and make the best out of this venture.