A Passion For Pumpkins

In North America, pumpkins refer specifically to a certain type of squash that is normally orange in color. In many parts of the world, they call any winter squash a pumpkin. Did you know that there are many uses for traditional pumpkins besides carving them for Halloween or making pumpkin pie?

Both the pumpkin seeds and the flesh are completely edible. The seeds are a great source for zinc in your diet. They can be roasted and enjoyed as a snack or as an addition to yogurt, bread, cereals and lots more. Anyone who has tasted butternut squash or pumpkin pie will have an idea of what pumpkin tastes like. It makes a great sweet or savory dish.

Pumpkin can be roasted whole to make a lovely vegetable dish. You can also make sweet bread using pumpkin. Add some cranberries for a holiday flair. Pumpkin butter makes a delicious change of pace on your morning toast. It is a smooth spread that can also be used on sandwiches or add a large spoonful in your morning granola with a bit of yogurt for a new breakfast treat. Do not forget to add in some delicious toasted seeds as well.

Use pumpkin to make rich cakes, muffins, and cupcakes. Their spicy goodness is always welcome. Make a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling to have for the holidays. It tastes great and looks pretty! Pumpkin cheesecake is a seasonal favorite in many places and it is easy to find in the fall and winter. Use pumpkin in cookies and pudding too. All of these recipes are great ways to get more pumpkin in your diet.

Classic pumpkin soup is a delicious way to enjoy pumpkin. The creamy goodness is a great appetizer or you can make it a complete meal. Add some spices, or make it with roasted pumpkin to add even more flavor. Top it off with some chopped herbs or a swirl of sour cream to make it look as wonderful as it tastes.

Chunks of pumpkin can be added to rice or pasta. Make a rich pumpkin risotto for something a little different. Make a filling from pumpkin to use in ravioli or other stuffed pasta. Mix it with other vegetables like greens or fennel for a delicious side dish. Try mixing it with polenta and cheese for a new dish. Pumpkin is full of beta-carotene and many other vitamins and minerals. Adding this vegetable to your menu helps your family get these needed nutrients to remain healthy.

Add pumpkin to your morning by making pumpkin donuts, muffins, scones, and pancakes. Serve your pancakes with whipped topping or syrup. Pumpkin is so versatile it works equally well with sweet or savory. Mix up the flavors by adding crumbled bacon bits to your pancake batter.

Pumpkin ice cream, pie, and tarts can also be a great way to end a meal. They are not as sweet as cakes and cookies. This is a great way to add the flavor of pumpkin to your meal and celebrate the fall season.