How to care for your jewelry

Every piece of jewelry needs regular maintenance to keep its shine. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry that is worn every day. Hand soap, dish soap, or any other kind of perfume or lotions can make any piece of jewelry look dull. Depending on how often you wear it, you should set aside some time for jewelry cleaning sessions.

Damage prevention

There are some things you can do to prevent jewelry from losing its luster. Take off your bracelets and rings when cleaning the house and washing hands or face. Any kind of detergent can make a thin film of grime appear on the jewelry surface that will make it look dirty. Also, never wear any jewelry when swimming. Both chlorine water found at the local pool and salt from seawater can have damaging effects such as corrosion. When storing jewelry make sure that each piece is put in a separate container, otherwise the hard edges can cause scratches. If you don’t have enough containers for all of your jewelry, at least make sure to put a soft cloth between each piece to protect it. All jewelry should be stored in a dry and clean place. Lastly, most jewelry actually benefits from being worn. For example, wearing silver is a great way to keep it looking shiny.

Cleaning process

Regularly check on your jewelry collection to make sure it looks fresh and is damage-free. If you notice any scratches or breakage, take the jewelry to a reputable jeweler to have it looked at as soon as possible.

Most jewelry can be cleaned by bathing it in a solution of warm water and some kind of detergent. For gold and silver use dish soap, the same for gemstones – but use seltzer water instead of regular water. Brush your jewelry delicately with a toothbrush and dry it using a soft cloth for best results. Pearls can be cleaned by brushing them with a soft toothbrush soaked in the mixture of warm water and shampoo. Remember that pearls themselves should not be soaked as to avoid damage to the chain and links.

If you are wearing jewelry every day, it is recommended that you clean it at least every two weeks. Having to literally draw a bath for the jewelry every time can understandably be quite cumbersome for some. That is why jewelry cleaning cloths were invented.

A jewelry cleaning cloth is a polishing cloth made especially for maintaining jewelry. It gets rid of the tarnish that sets on the surface when worn regularly. Usually, a jewelry cleaning cloth will have two different sides. One is abrasive and is used to remove any dirt and give jewelry a fine satin finish. The other side is softer and is used specifically to buff and polish the jewelry’s surface and provide it with a long-lasting shine.

A professional jewelry cleaning cloth should not be washed because the impregnated chemical cleaning agents will be lost. The cloth is often designed to become darker with use. This way we know when the cloth has lost its cleaning powers and it is time to buy a new one. A jewelry cleaning cloth is an immensely handy way to maintain your jewelry without too much effort.

Having A Mice Infestation? Here’s What To Do

One thing that everyone should be aware of in their home is mice infestation. Mice and rats are a potential danger to the home. In the first place, they can carry disease, especially in their bites and droppings. These droppings can be dangerous, even deadly. In the 12th century, Europe was devastated by the bubonic plague, a disease brought about by rodent infestation and poor sanitary management that killed thousands of people and decimated countries.

Mice and rodents also eat through electrical wirings and may cause fires. An estimated 10% of all fires were caused by rats eating through the electrical wires and causing shortages or sparks. How did fire investigators find that out? Upon checking the electrical, they would see dead rodents beside gnawed electrical wires that were the source of the fire. Here are some things you can do to keep your home away from mice infestation


Use rodenticides and rat repellents wisely.

Make sure children do not have access to rodenticide and rat repellents that are poisonous. There are now mouse and rat traps that are rat friendly in the sense that they trap these rodents but do not necessarily kill them. Looking like doll houses, these traps are also kid friendly. There are even repellents that are eco-friendly or so-called green.

Cover holes and apertures in your homes

Especially with rain pipes, one should cover holes with screens. Mice can get through a fourth of an inch diameter opening while rats can do it in a half inch hole. Such screens and coverings should be fitted accordingly. setting traps close to this pipes can perhaps be the first way to help you prevent more mice from getting into your house.

Keep your place sanitized and orderly.

By properly sanitary management, you can reduce the chances of mice infestation in your home. Empty your trash on a daily basis and place them outside your homes, especially wet trash. This will at least prevent rodents from entering your home because of the trash. Keeping your garage orderly as well is a good practice. Any pile is a good place for a rodent to make a home. Keep items segregated, even boxed up and covered. If most of the garage is relatively orderly, one should be able to see the floor area and a good visual enables you to check for mice
Keep cats in your home.

The long history of enmity between cats and mice have never been erased. Instead of spending all the time setting up traps to get rid of the mice in your home, investing in a cat will help you to sort out this issue within the shortest time possible. This will ensure that those that may have hidden in the corners of your ceiling are well eliminated. They will never have a chance to walk around your home.

One cannot completely get rid of mice and rodents in the world but preventing them from entering your household is something that can be done if we take the proper precautions. If the infestation continues even after applying the above methods, then you will need to see a specialist for they can save you when there is no hope.

camping with family

Going RV camping? Here is a checklist

It is 2018 and you absolutely do not want to go RV camping feeling like you’re still in early 2000s. Here’s a checklist you do not want to miss to make this RV camping a memorable experience.

-> First Aid Kit

First and foremost item you would need every now and then is your first aid kit. This includes band aids, thermometer, vitamins, pain relievers, mosquito repellents, cough syrups, laxatives, aspirin, scissors, prescription medicines, allergy medicines. You do not want to miss out on the fun by the minor incidents which could be easily solved by your first aid kit.

-> Clothing

Before hitting the road, check the weather updates of the region where you plan to camp. This will not only lower the burden of unnecessary packed stuff but will also make more space for the clothes you do not want to leave behind. But to be on safe side, do pack the jackets, rain suits etc. (or tank tops if it’s hot) just in case the weather forecast betrays you. Pack an extra pair of your undergarments too.

-> Food Items/ Kitchen Supplies

Planned a bar-be-que and suddenly you realize, you’re out of salt and spices? Place small containers and add the usual spices like garlic powder, thyme and many more you like. Add water bottles, juice, wine, tea, coffee, powdered drinks. Don’t forget to place milk, butter, cheese, eggs, spreads and frozen food in you mini fridge. Groceries like rice, pasta, oats, cereals, canned vegetables, bread should also be on your checklist.

Add maximum of two pots (You do not want to over burden) knives, cutter, table cloth, spatula and a trash bag. Plastic wraps, disposable plates, cups, glasses, spoons and forks for serving are also a necessity. To keep your RV clean, add the cleaning items like sponges and spray cleaners and paper towels in your checklist.

rv camping

-> Basic Equipment

Since you’re living in 2018 and everything (Yesss, everything) runs on electricity so better install solar power generators as they are more economic. Do not forget you chargers, power cables, extension cords, flashlights, batteries, tool box, fire extinguisher, bungee cords, charcoal and lighter, stove, extra bulbs, fuses, umbrella, compass, heater, mops.

-> Bed & Bath Equipment

Sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are also a must add. Keep the detergent box too as you would need it more often than you thought especially if you have kids with you. Hand soap, bath gels, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, toilet sprays, toilet rolls, razors, shaving cream, hairbrush, nail clippers, tampons, pads, deodorants and the most important is the sunscreen.

-> Camping Outdoor

The items like tents, sleeping bags, hammock, folding chairs, folding tables, outdoor rug, table umbrellas, cooler, GPS, firewood, picnic blankets are also to be added in the checklist.

For outdoor games and hobbies or maybe for change of mood you would love to engage in activities such as badminton, frisbee, fishing gear, hiking equipment, cards, board games. Take your cameras for outdoor photography of the scenic beauty for your Instagram.

Keep all types of footwear in your checklist as the weather may demand boots in evening and sandals at the day time.

These are the items categorized into the basic necessary things you might need while camping in your RV. Customize your own list of items beforehand leaving for the camping and make the best out of this venture.

A Passion For Pumpkins

In North America, pumpkins refer specifically to a certain type of squash that is normally orange in color. In many parts of the world, they call any winter squash a pumpkin. Did you know that there are many uses for traditional pumpkins besides carving them for Halloween or making pumpkin pie?

Both the pumpkin seeds and the flesh are completely edible. The seeds are a great source for zinc in your diet. They can be roasted and enjoyed as a snack or as an addition to yogurt, bread, cereals and lots more. Anyone who has tasted butternut squash or pumpkin pie will have an idea of what pumpkin tastes like. It makes a great sweet or savory dish.

Pumpkin can be roasted whole to make a lovely vegetable dish. You can also make sweet bread using pumpkin. Add some cranberries for a holiday flair. Pumpkin butter makes a delicious change of pace on your morning toast. It is a smooth spread that can also be used on sandwiches or add a large spoonful in your morning granola with a bit of yogurt for a new breakfast treat. Do not forget to add in some delicious toasted seeds as well.

Use pumpkin to make rich cakes, muffins, and cupcakes. Their spicy goodness is always welcome. Make a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling to have for the holidays. It tastes great and looks pretty! Pumpkin cheesecake is a seasonal favorite in many places and it is easy to find in the fall and winter. Use pumpkin in cookies and pudding too. All of these recipes are great ways to get more pumpkin in your diet.

Classic pumpkin soup is a delicious way to enjoy pumpkin. The creamy goodness is a great appetizer or you can make it a complete meal. Add some spices, or make it with roasted pumpkin to add even more flavor. Top it off with some chopped herbs or a swirl of sour cream to make it look as wonderful as it tastes.

Chunks of pumpkin can be added to rice or pasta. Make a rich pumpkin risotto for something a little different. Make a filling from pumpkin to use in ravioli or other stuffed pasta. Mix it with other vegetables like greens or fennel for a delicious side dish. Try mixing it with polenta and cheese for a new dish. Pumpkin is full of beta-carotene and many other vitamins and minerals. Adding this vegetable to your menu helps your family get these needed nutrients to remain healthy.

Add pumpkin to your morning by making pumpkin donuts, muffins, scones, and pancakes. Serve your pancakes with whipped topping or syrup. Pumpkin is so versatile it works equally well with sweet or savory. Mix up the flavors by adding crumbled bacon bits to your pancake batter.

Pumpkin ice cream, pie, and tarts can also be a great way to end a meal. They are not as sweet as cakes and cookies. This is a great way to add the flavor of pumpkin to your meal and celebrate the fall season.